Your Personal Injury Claim

For those who have been injured, life can seem to spiral out of control. The pain, suffering and emotional trauma of the accident can devastate your life. Personal injury victims can also have serious concerns about mounting medical bills, lost wages, temporary or permanent disability, and the ability to earn an income in the future. This can place an unbelievable burden on you and your family.

When you are injured due to the negligence of another, you have needs — and you are entitled to compensation to help meet those needs. Our firm can build a strong case for you in order to secure a fair settlement for your legal circumstances. We are experienced in offering comprehensive assistance to injured clients throughout Illinois.

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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

  • Comprehensive Case Investigation

    Beginning at the initial consultation throughout an intake form and extensive interview, a personal injury attorney will determine the cause and or causes of a client’s personal injury and identify which party or parties should be made to account for a client’s injuries.

  • Collaborate with Qualified Experts

    Depending on the events giving rise to the injury and the nature and extent of the injury, a lawyer is able to collaborate with relevant and qualified experts across a variety of fields to help prove and establish a client’s personal injury claim.

  • Review Medical Records

    Personal injury attorneys thoroughly review, annotate, and analyze a client’s medical record to better understand the damages and necessary treatment and services the client may require in the future. In addition to consulting with experts, our firm employs an in-house legal-nurse consultant.

  • Analyze Insurance Policy

    In addition to acting on behalf of the client with respect to insurance company communications, an injury attorney will review and analyze the policies that are relevant to determining benefits and limitations of a claim.

  • Negotiate with Insurance Company

    A personal injury attorney will engage in negotiations with any and all relevant insurance companies in the interest of achieving the best possible outcome for their client. This settlement takes into account not merely maximum compensation, but the characteristics and qualities of the compensation tailored to the needs of the client in the present moment but also going forward.

  • File Complaint in Appropriate Venue (If Necessary)

    If unable to settle the case with the relevant insurance companies, a personal injury lawyer will file and litigate your claim within the appropriate venue and handle any and all matters that arise at motion practice from before to after trial.

  • Resolve Bills, Liens, and other Financial Concerns

    In dispersing the funds awarded an attorney will resolve all existing and potential concerns that may complicate a client’s life, including healthcare, medical or other liens.

For What Damages Can a Client Recover?

Lost Wages

An aggregation of lost past and future earnings including bonuses and commissions and secondary income that, but for the injury, one would have received.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering experienced in the past and future caused by the injury. Sometimes calculated by a multiplier method and other times calculated by the per diem method among other methods.

Medical Expenses

Reasonable necessary medical care and treatment you have received in the past and now require going forward as a result of the injury. For example, transportation or mobility assistance, nursing care, adaptive medical devices — in addition to hospital stays and emergency room visits, for example — are all forms of medical expenses.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Damages arising of the loss of the nature or quality of life previously experienced but no longer possible due to the detrimental alternations of one’s lifestyle arising of the injury.

Emotional Distress

Damages arising because one suffers mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and other issues of this sort caused by personal injury.

Punitive Damages

Designed as a matter of public policy to punish a defendant whose actions exceed the level of mere negligence and consist of excessive intentional wrongdoing.