Real Estate Transactions

Some lawyers say they “do real estate closings”. We represent clients from engagement until they take possession of the property. At each step, we add value to our clients’ transaction by reducing risk and increasing peace of mind.

The lawyers of Pignatelli & Associates, PC have represented buyers and sellers of real estate since 1947. Assisting in transactions from complex, multifamily and commercial developments to the sale of a family home, we add substantial value to our clients’ transactions.

Not all lawyers have the comprehensive experience that our real estate attorneys. The landscape of real estate transactions even for residential sales has become increasingly difficult with the passage of laws, procedures and regulations. We believe clients deserve an attorney who is more than familiar with these changes: they deserve an attorney who can bring value and peace of mind to the transaction by understanding these changes and making them work to achieve the best possible outcome.

Home Inspections? What about Legal Inspections?

  • A real estate purchase is often the largest financial cost and continued responsibility a person or company will make.
  • Realtors and Brokers can’t give legal advice and often are acting as agents to the other party.
  • Our experienced real estate lawyers work to make certain our clients’ risks are limited and their interests are advanced.
  • Who’s looking out to be sure there aren’t disputes, litigation, and potentially huge expenses even after the sale has closed?

Before taking responsibility for making a house a home, careful buyers will often hire a professional to be sure things are in order. This reduces risk and can improve the terms — from how long the transaction takes to the purchase price — for the parties involved. Parties involved also get financing through a lender, and pay a title company to produce proper title.

Savvy and sophisticated parties know an experienced real estate attorney can add value to the process at every step of the transaction. Buyers enter a transaction often times without even a real estate agent. And when sellers don’t have an agent, they may not be aware of the obligations they have for disclosure. In either case, the legal team at Pignatelli & Associates, PC can accelerate the timeline of the transaction, assist in negotiations and many other aspects of the transaction as described below.

Buying or Selling Real Estate?

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Contracting for Sale

Negotiate - Draft - Evaluate

We represent buyers & sellers of real estate, residential and commercial. We assist throughout the process adding value through negotiating, drafting, and amending documents to be sure things go as planned. must accurately represent the intended real estate transaction. This includes assisting in negotiating terms including purchase price, timeline for the sale, conditions of the property, and other details related to the transaction

Title Search, Review

Research - Assess - Resolve

As necessary, we address questions and concerns associated with the requirement of ensuring marketable title through researching and retrieving documents and information regarding the real estate’s history. This reduces risk by exposing any underlying concerns and preempts potential short and long term litigation by resolving problems through intensive research and negotiation. We do diligence so our clients don’t have to worry.

Close Transaction

Coordinate - Execute

Through diligence and effort we coordinate with involved parties to complete the transaction. We assist in coordinating inspections and any additional disclosures as necessary. We facilitate in complying with and ensuring compliance. We review and advise in the execution of all formalities and filings associated with each transaction. We help you make it your house so you can make it your home.

Common Questions and Problems with Residential Real Estate Transactions

Who is contractually obliged once the Contract for Sale is signed?

What is a Seller's Disclosure? When does this happen?

What's a home inspection contingency?

Should a buyer be concerned about a for sale by owner transaction?

Environmental issues (i.e., mold, termites) aren't usually problems, right?

The buyer or seller wants to terminate an Agreement of Sale: what now?

Who buys title insurance? Is it something I need to get?

Is this down payment enough? Too much? Who holds on to it?

Why do I need a mortgage contingency?

Am I paying too much in costs at the property settlement or closing? What are these fees!?

What happens if the home is damaged or destroyed before the sale? What if we already signed?