Burn & Explosion Injury

Often, explosions and fires occur because of defective products malfunctioning or because of someone else’s negligence. Because they occur in people’s homes or apartments, the consequences can be catastrophic for the owners and families. Even if they are fully insured, people may instantly lose all their material possessions. Worse still, if they are in the home at the time of the event, they are placed in mortal danger and traumatizing and unspeakably devastating physical and continued psychological harm. Weeks later, still suffering and unable to work because of incapacitating physical and mental injuries, medical bills begin to pile-up and expenses increase. This sort of stress would be too much for even the strongest person, and something a victim suffering from the intentional, reckless or negligent actions of another person should never have to experience.

In cases of explosion and fire injuries, serving our clients with attention and compassion is our first priority. At Pignatelli & Associates, PC, we understand the emotional, financial and even the physical way our clients’ injuries have affected their lives. Our commitment to client service means that our lawyers know more than the law: we know our clients. The compassion we feel for your injuries motivates us to fight for your compensation with unmatched intensity. We are here to help.

If you or your family has been harmed due another person’s negligence, recklessness or intentional actions or wrongdoing, you have the legal right under Illinois law to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Potential negligent parties, for example, whose acts may have caused your injuries may include the manufacturer of a defective appliance or product, the builder or contractor of the structure, the owner of a rental house or property, an electrician or their employer, a gas company or plumber.

People most commonly associate fires with burns; however, there are many other ways in which explosions or fires can harm a home’s residents. Additional physical injuries may be caused by damage from falling debris and materials, damage to the residents’ hearing from the explosion and heat, injury to the eyes, nose and throat from smoke inhalation and tripping or falling while attempting to exit the residence due to limited visibility. Additional mental injuries may result in various traumas including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

If you or those you love have suffered injuries in a house fire, the legal team at Pignatelli & Associates, PC can helpWe have a track record of success fighting for our clients. Our attorneys have recovered many verdicts and settlements of $1 million, with over $90 million recovered for our clients in various personal injury, car and truck accident, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.

We will investigate the cause of the injury you or your loved ones have suffered by assembling and reviewing information. We will work tirelessly with a select network of highly qualified, skilled and experienced forensic and scientific experts to evaluate the origin of the traumatic event. Such events may be caused by electrical wiring, flammable liquids, excitable gasses, faulty smoke detectors or other electrical appliances, and other similar causes.

We will research the amount of available insurance from all available policies involved in your case to determine what coverage you and your loved ones are legally entitled.

We will compile, research and review your medical records and employment data to determine, consulting with medical professionals and expert economists, the losses and damages suffered by you and your family.

We will negotiate with the parties involved and their insurance companies to aggressively pursue a settlement that obtains you and your loved ones the compensation you deserve.

If we cannot reach a settlement with the representatives, we will be comprehensively prepared to advocate on your behalf in the courtroom.Our trial-tested legal team is able to use considerable experience and state-of-the art technology to present your case to the judge and jury.

At Pignatelli & Associates, PC, we have a legal team that is unmatched in education and experience, two skill-sets that equip us to obtain justice for our clients in compensating them for the injuries they have suffered. Our lawyers have over forty years of experience fighting for our clients. In addition to administrative and paralegal staff members, we have full-time medical professionals in-house to provide the highest levels of understanding to fully develop issues, research any relevant facts and law, and build the strongest case possible providing the best advice our clients.

The lawyers of Pignatelli & Associates, PC attended top-ranked law schools where we worked hard to earn merit scholarships. While all our attorneys earned graduate diplomas in law, many also hold advanced degrees in subjects as diverse as biochemistry and literature. We use these skills, resources and life experiences every day while we help advise and advocate for our clients.

At Pignatelli & Associates, PC, we never stop working to get the best possible results for our clients. But don’t take our word for it: visit our Rock Falls office and decide whether we are the right people to help you take the next steps toward obtaining justice for your injury or loss of those you love. Let our legal team show you the big things that are possible when lawyers with small town values — hard work, education and compassion — put the full extent of our skills, resources and experience to get you the best possible outcome, and the compensation you deserve.

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